80 Meters
80 Meters

Antennas and Towers:  

  • Pair of phased 4 sqs (8 self supporting BX towers with attached masts) Phased NE and SW.
  • 3 ele 80M yagi (modified M2 with W6ANR coils) at 130' on existing star Philly guyed 55G tower.
  • 3 ele 80M M2 yagi at 180'.
  • Stack of 3 ele 80M yagis on 340' Pirod guyed tower.  (FAA/FCC approvals received antennas to be purchased/built in Spring 2010 will be turned with custom K0XG orbital ring rotators).
  • Wire beams of various configurations on catanaries NE/SW/SE/S.  
  • All towers are guyed with PHILLY and have star guying at all guy levels.
  • All yagi antennas independent and rotate 360 degrees  
  • 800' Beverages N NE E SE S SW W NW available to run and mult station simultaneously

In The Shack:

  • Icom 7800/Icom 756 ProII (run/mult); Alpha 77/76 Amps; Layered Stackmaster Antenna Switching and Matching.  Control Cabling allows quick change from M/M to SOAB Config.
  • K9AY Custom 3X2 matrix switching for Beverage antennas.
  • MicroKeyer MKII / WinTest logging software/16 Networked PCs.

Photo Gallery: 

New 3 ele M2 75/80 M beam ready for lift


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80 Meters

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