2 Meters
2 Meters

Antennas and Towers:

  • 8XP32 M2 array @ 30' w/az/el for EME
  • XP32 M2 @ 150'
  • 2M12 M2 @ 160'
  • More coming soon
  • All towers are guyed with PHILLY and have star guying at all guy levels.
  • All antennas independent and rotate 360 degrees

In The Shack:

  • Icom 7800/Icom 756 ProII;Demi Xverters; Lunar Link LA-22A,TESystems 1432G Amps; Mast mounted preamps on all; Dual polarity rcv lines with WSE converters and Linrad for MAP 65 on EME (coming soon).
  • MicroKeyer MKII / WinTest logging software/16 Networked PCs.  

Photo Gallery:

2 Meter Array with shack and outbuildings in the background

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2 Meters

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